Headquarters & Development in Switzerland :+41 44 802 67 00 (CET) Development in Germany :+49(0)911/376 576–0 (CET) Production in Czech republic :+420 466 009 800 (CET)

Corporate Group

Primary Companies & Sectors:

In addition to APAG, manufacturing of organic chemical intermediates and renewable energy (wind, solar and biomass) in India

In the early stages of setting up greenfield cotton textile and denim manufacturing in Ethiopia

Representation, marketing and trading of international manufact- uring inputs (e.g. chemicals, polymers, and paper chemicals) in India, Europe, the US & China

Consultancy for renewable energy

Production of organic Darjeeling teas in Avongrove

Integrated manufacturing of jute and value-added jute specialty products in India

Our Core Group Values:

  • Highest standards of quality
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Strong corporate governance & social responsibility practices
    • Environmental sustainability
    • Organisational health and safety
    • People development